Armstrong AMF Ceilings

Armstrong AMF plafoni

AMF or Armstrong ceiling systems are easy to install structures and they stand as quite modern solution for suspended ceilings in terms of quality and technical properties. Armstrong ceilings have multiple purposes and they are used in both residential and office buildings.

Aluminum construction and boards itself are quite light in weight which provides easy transport and installation. Also, working with boards is not hazardous since all used materials are environment friendly. Later placement of lighting systems and other installations is quite simple, while removing boards does not require damaging the ceiling, therefore making telecommunication, electric and any other systems easy to access.

The characteristics of these mineral boards are following:

  • They improve interior acoustic properties
  • They are not flammable and they do not burn
  • They are water resistant
  • They are completely safe and environment friendly
  • They reflect light which improves interior visibility

Installing Armstrong boards is pretty simple, but it requires proper and professional aluminum construction bracing setup. Only then results are impressive, giving flat and smooth, straight ceiling.

Armstrong ceiling installation and construction costs

Price is determined according to square meter of covered area. We offer complete service no matter if you have bought all materials and equipment or you leave even that part of the job to us.

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