Decking flooring

Decking podne obloge

DeckCourtyard and garden decking

There is no nicer way to complement the look of your garden or yard by installing a quality decking. This can be simply done by paving surface with decking, but also you can make a raised platform with steps and built-in lights.

The benefits are numerous: from the fact that it is much easier to maintain because there are no wrinkles and rough surfaces to the fact that children would love spending time in the garden because it is warmer compared to having tiles or concrete.svetom.

Postavljanje je dosta lako, ali ipak je potrebno da to vrši stručno lice jer se mora obezbediti dugotrajnost sitema. Takođe, naši monteri će uzeti u obzir konfiguraciju terena i formirati ispravnu drenažu tako da nećete imati problem zadržavanja vode od kiše ili topljenja snega.

Balcony and decking on terraces

If we look at the method of construction, then the balcony decking is different from the courtyard by the fact that it does not require platforms but seeks maximum utilization of space. Comfort is the main objective and therefore goal is making pleasant ambience. After placing a terraced decking, it is the perfect place to relax, play, children, or host family lunches. The choice of wood is up to you, but on us is to assist you in installing modern lighting and other electronic components (connectors, Internet routers, sensors, etc.).

Decking installation prices

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Benefits of decking

  • Quickly cover large surfaces
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Exceptional aesthetic appearance
  • Warmer than tiles and concrete

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