Drywall Installation Services

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Drywall Installation Services belong to the modern construction method because they are system that is easy to install, the system which has excellent properties and characteristics and to top it all it should be noted that construction costs are not high.

Due to its preferences, gypsum panels are easy to handle, they have small mass per square meter and they are not static load for the building. By setting gypsum panels you quickly cover large areas, which all together make this board ideal for use in making ceiling systems and structures.

Advantages of Drywall Installation

Quality crafted wall has a perfectly flat surface with strong mechanical properties. The principle of dry construction allows you to immediately paint the wall, place tiles or wallpaper. Properly done, partition wall, can hold heavy and massive furniture, even MDF shelves (in boutiques and stores) or large screen LCD TV sets (in your home or office).

Partition walls are ideal for housing adaptations, for design of office space, retail salons and offices. Implementation is not just limited to flat surfaces. It is possible to create curved walls and décor walls in different shapes and forms.

Companies which produce plasterboards offer a variety of modules so that there are solutions for all of your ideas.

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The main characteristics of plasterboard systemsps karton sistema

Besides making the partition, plaster boards, used for coating of the existing walls because they offer many advantages:

  • Easy to place electrical installations (no need to make holes or channels through the wall)
  • It is easier to allocate electrical wiring when changing position of consumers
  • Plasterboards covers many deficiencies and irregularities of the walls
  • Partition walls cover piping systems (heating, plumbing, cooling, electrical installation)
  • Partition wall forms a system that is an excellent insulator (especially in combination with mineral wool insulation)
  • It is important to stress that there are waterproof plaster panels that have an important application in today’s construction.

Gypsum board have excellent mechanical properties. This means that their treatment and shaping is extremely simple and easy. On the other hand, they have a low weight per square meter, they are not flammable and do not burn since limestone contains a certain percentage of water. Gypsum board panels are manufactured in sizes over 2m2 which means that they cheaply and quickly cover large areas.

Aesthetic and decorative qualities

A special application of suspended ceilings is in to raising the aesthetics of the room. Combined with adequate lighting ceiling can be a key factor that determines the final look of the room. Various shapes, forms, planes and stepped cascades are able to emphasize certain parts of the room to give the room depth, width and space. Proper positioning of the lighting can emphasize the area of the room (eg seating area in the living room or the showroom section of your business area).

Prices of Drywall Installation Services

The basic price of Drywall Installation Services is given per square meter of covered area. We must note that we charge separately opening the lighting holes in plaster boards, production and cascading curvilinear forms and any other special requirements you may have when it comes to plaster works.

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Why use plasterboard?

– Dry construction

– Excellent mechanical properties

– Good acoustic insulation

– Gypsum board do not burnp

– Exceptional thermal insulation

Types and forms of suspended ceilings

Do not be limited to create ceiling in only one level. Design and project different shapes, cascades and curved surfaces. Gypsum panels are easily mechanically treated which enables the creation of complex and forms and shapes.

Useful Tips

Always pay attention when fixing and screwing other items on to the wall.

If you want to attach heavier objects to the wall you must pierce the wall in the sectors in which there is a metal grid system behind the board. By doing so, you ensure screws to be screwed into a strong base that can accommodate heavy objects.

Also, use special anchors provided for this purpose.

Choosing recessed lightingte 

– Decorative lighting

– Lighting for illumination

Centrally positioned light source emits light from the ceiling throughout the room and bringing an effective illumination of the whole interior.

Ambient lights and lamps should be placed along the edges to partially illuminate the walls resulting in a decorative and aesthetic effect.

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